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Carbon Estimation

by mhowell last modified 2007-03-09 10:15

Soil Sampling
Soil profile calhoun    
Three main factors are considered when sampling soils to monitor changes in soil C.  These are depth, intensity per unit area, and the sampling design.  The depth of sampling is usually quite shallow and ranges to about 30 cm (12 inches) in C registries.  The intensity of sampling is much more difficult to generalize since there is great heterogeneity in soil properties.  To sample sufficient to achieve a known level of accuracy a preliminary soil survey may be required.  This would allow for the same power test presented under aboveground biomass sampling.  Over a relatively homogeneous forest stand type, 25-30 soil samples may be sufficient to quantify soil C with acceptable precision.  Identify homogeneous stand types or strata can improve sampling precision.  To estimate the C concentration in the soil special instrumentation is required.  Many states have soil testing laboratories that would be available to forest land owners.